Friday, 1 March 2013


Update from Robs sister (from Robs laptop and blog site, so that those that mattered can be contacted).  Rob went to the hospital to start the trial chemo that he had signed up for , but on arrival, was admitted to the ward as his health had declined rapidly, and sadly the cancer had run rampant throughout. Rob was absolutely in no condition for such treatment. Instead, radiotherapy treatment program was started, but the cancer, pain and damage was not able to be controlled. Treatment stopped on Wednesday, and Rob was moved to palliative care back closer to family. Rob passed away today at 1.25pm, surrounded by his family. His inventions, passion for permaculture, sustainable living, music, cars and books, and ability to think outside the square will be remembered fondly, and with a smile. Although not apparently conscious, I told Rob today that the footprint he has left is a good one.  He will be missed. He was my big brother. R.I.P. Rob, from your sis, Yolanda.


Lloyd Morcom said...

Thanks Yolanda. I've passed the news on to Corner Inlet District Transition of which he was president. I'll miss him.

Anonymous said...

Goodbye old friend.... even the best of us have to leave the Matrix, we will miss you.