Friday, 1 March 2013


Update from Robs sister (from Robs laptop and blog site, so that those that mattered can be contacted).  Rob went to the hospital to start the trial chemo that he had signed up for , but on arrival, was admitted to the ward as his health had declined rapidly, and sadly the cancer had run rampant throughout. Rob was absolutely in no condition for such treatment. Instead, radiotherapy treatment program was started, but the cancer, pain and damage was not able to be controlled. Treatment stopped on Wednesday, and Rob was moved to palliative care back closer to family. Rob passed away today at 1.25pm, surrounded by his family. His inventions, passion for permaculture, sustainable living, music, cars and books, and ability to think outside the square will be remembered fondly, and with a smile. Although not apparently conscious, I told Rob today that the footprint he has left is a good one.  He will be missed. He was my big brother. R.I.P. Rob, from your sis, Yolanda.

Tuesday, 4 December 2012

Update or two more chemo' sessions to go, to be followed by another full scan and some targeted radiotherapy to any remaining hot spots around mid January, until then I have no idea where I stand or what will happen when chemo' stops...

To update the update - on the bad side I've been in constant pain since new years eve, I've had three radiotherapy sessions for pain relief in the last week or so as the cancer took off through my bones as soon as chemotherapy stopped (the last two chemo' sessions were cancelled since my bone marrow stopped producing blood cells)

On the good side blood transfusions sorted the marrow problem out, I'm steady around the 65Kg mark and chemo' shrunk the Crohne's blockage (a massive increase in quality of life right there)

The oncologist says he can do no more for me and I went to Monash at Moorabin this week to sign up for an experimental chemo' program (mostly the same chemo' drugs with a different delivery system to target the bones) next week I get a PET scan and bone density scan, I should be glowing in the dark by the end of this if nothing else but at least the pain relief mostly worked.


Thursday, 17 February 2011

Slavoj Zizek in Examined Life

I love this guy, click on Living In The End Times at the end of this clip when you have a spare 50 minutes

Friday, 26 November 2010

Details, details and hybrid running

Spark advance was originally controlled by a basic computer and manifold pressure sensor (MAP) I expect manifold vacuum will be variable on woodgas so replaced the distributor with an earlier one that has centrifugal advance and a transistor ignition module, it's the finned box on the spring tower.

I added the simple LPG mixture controller pictured along with an exhaust oxygen sensor, and ran the 5 volt feed wire from the removed MAP sensor to the forward throttle position sensor (TPS)

The front and rear gas locks and the LPG computer are wired to the ignition circuit, via a safety relay, and are now always on while the engine is running

The yellow inline lockoff will allow a small amount of LPG to the intake for hybrid running, and should regain the power loss expected with woodgas.
It picks up gas after the LPG mixture controller and is switched on/off by the rear throttle position sensor (the rear TPS has a 12V reference voltage)
The blue vapour lock at left switches LPG to the mixer ring on/off, and is switched together with the converters' forced idle solenoid

Air leakage past the two large throttles gave a high idle speed, throttle stops are backed right off and idle air bypass passages have now been blocked

The glass vacuum bottle in the rear corner lifts water from the trap at the bottom of the firewall.
The inline lockoff on the firewall above it switches manifold vacuum on/off and gives a controlled bleed of woodgas for idling.
This lockoff and the rear TPS are switched together

Sunday, 14 November 2010

Woodgas Ute - intake revisited

I induced several backfires by leaning the LPG mixture and snapping the throttle open. The stubby holder did its job of protecting the throttles and intake hoses but would sometimes split and blow off, this could leave me stuck in traffic with no fuel so I'm filling those three holes and adding a spring loaded valve that will reseat every time