Monday, 15 March 2010

Housing Bubble

After losing a bet about (the timing of) a coming fall in housing prices, Steve Keen agreed to walk to Kosciuszko wearing a T-shirt saying;
"I was hopelessly wrong about house prices. Ask me how."
I like his design

On a semi related point, the housing bubble here in Wonthaggi has reached ridiculous heights with fibro shacks renting for $500 per week, and my shed/abode is not immune.
If anyone knows of a large shed or small factory in the Sth Gippsland area available for 1 or $200 PW I'd love to hear about it - I have till early May to get out.

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The Naked Mechanic said...

Cheers Lloyd, will call in the morning and tee up a visit after this weekends show, frantically finishing the gas producer until then.
There's a large shed at my sisters outside Mirboo Nth but something in a town would be better