Wednesday, 27 January 2010

Spring Locking Lid

Most leaf springs have a locating hole near the centre, line this hole up with the centre of your lid as a starting point (it beats drilling in to spring steel)
Heat and bend the leaf to follow the curvature of your lid then shape the ends as shown, (a gas axe or forge will be needed)
The "eye" was forged over an old head bolt using a vice, heavy locking pliers and a hammer

Adjust the distance between the two lower pivot bolts as needed to clear the spring when opened and to give a firm seal when closed, the valve spring can be pulled down tighter if needed but must have enough "give" to allow the over centre latch past it's locking point

Keep the handle longer than the upper bars for ease of use, it stops them from getting tangled
A wooden shifter knob on top is absolutely essential for the "cool" factor - happy fabricating y'all


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