Sunday, 29 March 2009

Cheap gas producer

The triple skinned experimental producer is on hold while I chase some cash for sensors and test equipment - in the meantime I've set myself the goal of making a simple Imbert style gas producer using only stuff that was laying around the workshop, no fabricated tubes or expensive inputs beyond the stainless steel tubes and bends that the scrap dealer gave me

The shell is a standard household LPG bottle, the hearth is the flange end of some old water mains pipe and it will have a drop in restricter that can be changed to suit various needs, along with a single downtube air inlet that can also be changed out for different requirements.

Cut top to suit hearth

Drop hearth in and weld, but...

...let 30 or 40mm project inside

weld in tangential gas outlet

hearth "ring" will sit below outlet

use waste heat to preheat incoming air

split larger bend for easy assembly

putting the jigsaw together, gas outlet on the right

square air inlet sits loose on the pipe and will be welded to the hopper, it will have a flap to let air in but not out

removable monorator shell made from 330mm dia' auto lpg tank

Monorator shell slips over hearth and through channel ring. Ring is welded to hopper and fits tight to shell

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benjaminbof said...

Very nice construction. I agree with you and here in São Paulo , Brazil we are searching 200 lb gas bottle.
Keep up good work