Saturday, 29 November 2008

Bolivian Bio Gas

Straw and rammed earth insulation and a greenhouse roof, who says you can't produce bio gas in cold climates :-)


Lloyd Morcom said...

Hi Rob

I remember me and my girlfriend being picked while we were hitchhiking near Tilba Tilba in the early seventies by a gentleman named John L Coulthard, who had developed an anearobic digester which he intended for use on dairy farms. I checked out Google and he had a patent on it which expired in 1999.

It may be an idea for which the time has come, especially as from what I understand, the larger the digester the more efficient the operation, so with the current large dairy farms with rotary sheds it may well be much more viable than way back then, especially as electricity prices are likely to rise steeply.

By the way were you at that movie last night in Wonthaggi, "The Men's Group"?

And can I link to your blog from mine?



The Naked Mechanic said...

Thank you for the link, I've just been reading the patent.
There was interest in starting a renewable energy co-op 'round here a year ago and this would be right up their alley.
I've been working on a woodgas producer with the farm market in mind,and look forward to finishing and testing it over the xmas break.

Yes, that was a powerful film.
I'm happy to cross link the blogs and have already added yours here

Anonymous said...

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